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Artist 113

Aerial equilibristic, Hand stand act, Contortion
From: Belgium
Number of performers: 1
Number of acts: 3
Awards: Liu Xin was born in TianJin, China, on the 23rd of July 1988. From a very tender age she shows a passion for artistic gymnastics, spending hours training in primary school, which offered a lot of opportunities for this kind of studies. Having been chosen from the Academy of Gymnastics and Sports and being taught by the best trainers, she specialises in this field. In 1999 Xin decides to devote herself to Acrobatic Gymnastics and more specifically Contortionism and joins an Acrobatic Company, where she works for 7 years with the most famous artists in one of the most popular schools in the world. Thus, she becomes an experienced professional having acquired working experience in China, Spain, Germany and Japan. Moving to Belgium in 2006, she follows a solo career, presenting her dancing and acrobatic abilities in various shows...


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