The noblest art is that of making others happy

Artist 1836

Juggler with balls, sticks, cube
From: Mexico, United Kingdom
Number of performers: 1
Number of acts: 2
Awards: Israeli Juggling Convention International Gala. - 2019 - Tel Aviv, Israel • Out There Festival. - 2018 - Great Yarmouth, UK • Festa Fiesta. SeaChange Arts. - 2018 - Great Yarmouth, UK • New Year Spring Festival. - 2018 - Shenzhen, China • JazzMinde Festival. - 2017 - Minde, Portugal • Escenarios Suspendidos. - 2015 - Mexico City • Festival Barroco de Guadalupe. - 2014 - Zacatecas, Mex • Festival de Alas y Raices. Mexico’s National Centre for the Arts. - 2014 - Mexico City • Festival de Arte y Astronomia Mira al Cielo. - 2014 - Hidalgo, Mex • Zacatecas Street Theater International Festival. - 2012 - Zacatecas, Mex. • Encuentro de Circo. - 2012 - Morelos, Mex • Festival de Circo Contemporaneo y Clown. - 2012 - Mexico City • Wirikuta Fest. - 2012 - Foro Sol, Mexico City • Ozomatli International Circus Festival. - 2011/2012/2013 - Mexico City • Cervantino / CLETA International Festival. - 2011/2012 - Guanajuato, Mex • Cirkonvencion Mexikana. - 2011/2012- Morelos, Mex • Mexico’s National University Circus Festival. - 2011 - Mexico City • Festival Internacional de Circo y Chou FICHO. - 2011 - Guadalajara, Mex • Grand Circus. Circo Hermanos Vazquez. - 2010 - Mexico City

He started his formation at 15 years old as a self-taught. Continuing this formation at Mexico’s National Centre for the Arts and specializing in slack wire and juggling.

He has searched to improve his knowledge by collaborating in circus spaces in Germany, Italy, France, Spain, England, Belgium, among others.He has participated as an artist and work-shopper in several conventions and important festivals across Mexico, Israel and England.

He has performed in some of the most important theaters of Mexico such as Teatro de la Ciudad Esperanza Iris, Teatro Julio Castillo, etc. as well as performing internationally in over 10 countries including England, Norway, Lebanon, China, Qatar, Israel, etc.

He was part of the cast in the show “Cirkunia” (directed by Rob Tannion and Jorge Diaz) touring with it around Mexico. He was also the juggling and unicycle coach of the cast.

He was awarded with the scholarship “Creadores Escenicos 2012” by Mexico’s National Fund for Arts and Culture (FONCA) thanks to his project “Slack Juggling”. He was also supported with artistic residencies across Europe to continue his personal artistic project.

He was the juggling professor at Mexico’s National Centre for the Arts for 5 years, later on the juggling and balance professor at SALTO - International Circus School in Portugal and nowadays the head of tutors of SeaChange Arts circus school “Drillaz Circus School”.


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