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We are always looking for new skilled artists in any kind of entertainment. If you are looking for work please fill the application form in the web site or send us your CV, photos ,video, contact details and your available period by e-mail:

If you are looking for artists for circus, variete, casino, club or festival, special events, please do not hesitate to contact us. In this web site are not published all the acts. Please contact us for further details. We will send you video and photos at your request.

If you are looking for exotic animals for circus,  Zoo, Advertisment, private farms -  Stefani Art offers a comprehensive range of trained animals for sale, hire, for use in Film, TV, Advertising and still photography.

However, if we do not have what you are looking for Stefani Art  has access to hundreds of different species via our network of animal experts throughout the Europe.  


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Address: Dianabad, 
Sofia 1172, Bulgaria
Skype: stefaniart
Facebook: StefaniArtAgency

Stefani Art  Stars Agency
Veneta Stefanova

Stefani Art
Lachezar Stefanov

International Circus Festival "Golden Horse"


Sofia 1172 , Bulgaria

E-mail : - Artistic department
E-mail 2: - Equipment and Animals department
Skype: stefaniart
Facebook: StefaniArtAgency

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