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I have been notified and herewith agree (revocable at any time) that STEFANI ART – for the purpose of the casting process, show creation and possible pre-contractual measures – may collect, process and use my personal data as follows:

Dianabad, bl.20,Entr.G,app.84
1172 Sofia
VAT BG121541775
(Referred to as STEFANI ART)
Dianabad, bl.20,Entr.G,app.84
1172 Sofia
VAT BG205928033
Processing and/or passing on of my first name, name, e-mail, phone number, pictures and text material (biography) as well as video material etc. to creatives, agents, production and administration staff (STEFANI ART internal as well as external freelancers, who cooperate with STEFANI ART).
In addition, I have been informed and I explicitly agree that the collection, processing, transfer and usage of my data by STEFANI ART take place on a voluntary basis. Furthermore, I can revoke my consent at any time without facing any adverse consequences.

I have been notified that above-mentioned third parties who have received my personal data from STEFANI ART for the casting process, have been informed by STEFANI ART to only use my personal data for the purpose of casting and that my personal data shall be deleted ANY TIME after written request from my side. I confirm that STEFANI ART cannot assume any liability or guarantee for the legitimate usage of my personal data through the above mentioned third parties.

I have been informed about my rights in terms of the usage of my personal data by STEFANI ART as follows: Revocation, request for information on my personal data, correction and completion, deletion, restriction, receipt of an orderly list of the data that is used by STEFANI ART and/or right of objection which shall be communicated to the regulatory authority (Art. 7, § 3, 15-18, 20 and 77 DSGVO). The claim for deletion or exercise of the rights shall be communicated to: or postally to STEFANI ART Dianabad, bl.20,Entr.G,app.84,1172 Sofia Bulgaria

Here is a link to our complete data protection declaration:
Privacy Policy
By contacting STEFANI ART through the contact form on I hereby agree with the above- mentioned data protection regulations.
I have been notified and I agree, that after I have agreed to the aforementioned data protection regulations, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to me by STEFANI ART.






Stefani Art  Stars Agency
Veneta Stefanova

Stefani Art
Lachezar Stefanov

International Circus Festival "Golden Horse"


Sofia 1172 , Bulgaria

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